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my name is tedde. i love movies, clothes, and flowers. my otp is dramione and I adore harry potter. i care about being nice to others and human rights. my favourite books are franny and zooey and ender's game. i am a film student. I am a feminist. i live in arizona. slytherin.


i grab my friend and yell OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VINE, my friend turns around; i am holding an excellent specimen of vitis coignetiae, we are botanists

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i find it so incredibly attractive when someone is really good at something, like you can play the violin? damn son. you’re a really talented dj? good for you! i don’t care if you talk to me about quantum physics for an hour straight if i can see the passion in you at some point in that hour i’ll think “whoa, this is really hot.” 

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i dont think goosebumps books ever came into print i think they just mystically appeared in public school libraries one day already in mediocre condition

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harry potter + popular text posts (part two)

(part one)

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*james potter voice* lets give our son the best middle name. named after the best quidditch player and garishly handsome man i know. me.

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